аdjust zovirax ointment cost Here’s a growing list of people, sites, articles, and thoughts that continue to shape me as a mix engineer.


zithromax cost value + Mark Thompson: over at Sweetwater Sound is the man when it comes to getting you all sorted out. Countless times I have sent him crazy patchbay sketches or called frantically needing some odd cable or just wanted to talk shop and he’s always been my sounding board for all things music.


officiate propecia canada + Ultimate Metal: hosted by legendary mixer/producer Andy Sneap. Here you can learn the art of mixing metal from the man himself, or get up the nerve to share one of your mix’s in the Practice room for an honest round of feedback.

buy careprost unveil + Gear Slutz: Where mix engineer Michael Wagner roams the forum halls frequently. The Gear Slutz family is choked full of mix recipes and useful advice on building your critical listening ear. Gear Slutz also offers a place to share your mixes with the top producers and engineers ever assembled.

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