Screaming in Digital

purchase nolvadex pct I am a mix engineer, producer, musician, and digital artist.


I grew up on the sounds of the 80’s. When reverb and spandex were king. I was 15 years old and I can still remember to the day putting the record needle down on my first rock album – “Ratt’s” ‘Out of the Cellar’ I remember this huge explosive drum sound came out of my speakers from the opening cut – ‘wanted man’. And I was hooked. I went to my first rock show at 15 to see Motley Crue’s Theater of Pain tour. I got my first guitar that year for Christmas and have been riding the metal wave ever since.





Majesty – In His Time ( All Music and Lyrics / Performed / Recorded / Produced by Drue Armstrong)

**Unhindered “All That I Bring” (Produced / Recorded)